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William Harrison Zurn

Chairman of the Board at Vascular Devices LLC

William Harrison Zurn is an experienced inventor, living and working in Sunnyvale, California.  He develops patents related to computerizing and automating processes for: construction equipment, oil drilling equipment, Internet of Thing (i.e., IoT) and medical implant devices, including those with nanotech applications. All of the medical device patents, which are registered under Mr. Zurn, utilize technologies and techniques which are aligned with computer assisted surgery including MEMS technology.

Mr. Zurn is the proprietor of two companies, Zur Technologies, a patent development company and Vascular Devices, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in the State of Delaware.  Both of these companies are currently operated and supported by a full-range of business & professional services including: consulting attorneys, venture capitalists, journalists, marketing professionals, business development advisors, patent analysis firms, medical professionals, and consulting creative agencies.

As far as his educational credentials are concerned, Mr. Zurn holds the following degrees: A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major emphasis in accounting, from National University, San Jose, California. A Master of Science in Engineering Management, with a major emphasis in computer engineering from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.

In pointing to his professional working & employment background, Mr. Zurn has worked for three companies, including Actel Corp, Credence Corp and Digi International as a product marketing manager for seven years.

Before working as a product marketing manager, Mr. Zurn successfully filled the roles of manufacturing manager and equipment maintenance manager, while being employed by companies such as AMD, Monolithic Memories and Altera.

In providing a personal background on Mr. Zurn, he was born and raised in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and enlisted in the United States Navy at age eighteen, serving there honorably for four years.  He has been a California resident ever since. 

Mr. Zurn develops patents related to computerizing and automating processes for: construction equipment, oil drilling equipment, IoT (Internet of Things) and medical implant devices. All of my medical device patents utilize techniques and technology with respect to computer assisted surgery that include MEMS technology.

Mr. Zurn’s Patent Portfolio:
Modular, Robotic Road Repair Machine – US Patent 6,821,052 B2
Automated Vessel Repair, Devices – US Patent 7,979,108 B2
Automated Vessel Repair, Methods – US Patent 9,049,988 B2 [DIV]
Automated Vessel Repair, Systems – US Application 14/706,237 [DIV]
Vessel Clearing Apparatus – Devices & Methods – US Patent 8,663,209
Mucus Analysis & Clearing Device – US Application 13/569,204
Transhumanism Device – US Application 13/767,671
Drill Bit & Cylinder Body Device, Assemblies, Systems & Methods – US Application 14/806,340
Smart Ball Bearing – I’m preparing the 1st draft of the application.
Internet of Things – The Human Body, Co-Inventor preparing the 1st draft of the application

Mr. Zurn is currently developing patents related to IofT (Internet of Things) for machine related (Motors, Generators, Hydraulic Systems) patents, plus additional medical related patents, working with multiple co-inventors on these projects. Also, Mr. Zurn is looking for interns: biomedical, mechanical engineering or IP studies background; this position could be transformed into my teaching & mentoring someone that is interested with respect to being an inventor.


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