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Peter Ward

Co-founder & CEO – Humanity Inc.

Peter Ward is a serial tech-entrepreneur and co-founder & CEO of Humanity Inc. A next-generation healthtech start-up with a mission to help extend the healthspan of humanity. Peter also co-founded a leading tech-entrepreneur network called ICE, which forges deep connections amongst founders, investors and tech-ecosystem leaders. He was also co-founder & CEO of WAYN (Where Are You Now?) which successfully sold to Group.

Peter has always been obsessed with entrepreneurship, having studied it at Cambridge University, Sloan School of Business at MIT and London Business School, after graduating in Economics & Business Finance, and becoming Alumnus of the year at Brunel University.

After travelling around the world for a year after graduation, whilst working for Accenture, Peter set up WAYN – a travel social network, in his spare-time. It quickly became the world’s largest, reaching over 25 million users. Peter also hired Michael Geer, his now co-founder at Humanity, which proved a fateful decision, as they realised they could work well together and so when Michael approached Peter with his initial vision for Humanity, Peter was immediately enthralled.

Humanity aims to help people understand what actions are working, to slow or reverse aging. By tracking key aging biomarkers (digital, blood and genetic) alongside actions users take daily, the service uses machine learning tools to highlight what’s working for people similar to them, to slow their aging — like a “Waze” (the traffic app) for maximizing healthspan. 

Humanity raised $2.5m pre-seed funding in 2020 from leading investors in the consumer- and health-tech space, including One Way Ventures, Seedcamp, Esther Dyson, the co-founders of Calm, Soundcloud, MyFitnessPal, BenevolentAI, One Medical and others. Humanity is also supported by some of the most world-renowned science advisors, including George Church, from Harvard Med, Dr Aurey de Grey CSO from SENS, and Kristen Fortney, co-founder of BioAge.

Peter wants to empower people to take control of their health, so that they can live a healthier life for longer, reduce their risk of disease, and make the most of the journey, along the way!


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