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Eric Doherty

President at PERSOWN, Inc.

Eric Doherty is President of PERSOWN, Inc., a medical device company that is developing the next generation of instant Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic testing, using electro-chemical biosensors, across a variety of assays, including Covid-19. PERSOWN is working to end the COVID-19 Pandemic by making convenient, frequent, and very low-cost testing available globally using a portable, ultra-sensitive, ultra-specific, instant, diagnostic testing platform. PERSOWN’s patented technology uses a handheld unit linked with a smartphone app and revolutionary test strips to enable virtually anyone to perform sophisticated diagnostic tests with instant results. In addition to COVID-19, potential uses will include infectious viral and bacterial diseases; acute conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and traumatic brain injury; and diseases such as cancers, neurogenerative diseases, and STDs.

PERSOWN is building an information infrastructure to support and fully utilize the data created by their diagnostic tests. Their network infrastructure and mobile apps are designed to facilitate the integration of best-in-class software solutions to provide a lifetime healthcare platform for the billion underserved families of the world.

When PERSOWN’s instant testing platform is available in parts of the globe where access to sophisticated medical diagnostics is scarce, they will create billions of integrated data points across various disease states and among previously undiagnosed populations.

To harness this potential, they have partnered with the global leader in analytics, SAS. From visualizing disease mutation and progression in the current COVID-19 pandemic to monitoring treatment efficacy and compliance in clinical trials, SAS and PERSOWN have the potential to empower global health leaders, clinicians, and researchers to make more informed decisions in ways the world has never seen.

Doherty has nearly 30 years of healthcare executive leadership experience, including senior-level roles at leading healthcare companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Uvanta Pharmacy Systems, AstraZeneca, and GLOCK International. He holds an MBA in International Marketing and another MBA in Management from both St. Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis, and a Global Operational Leadership Certification from St. Louis University.


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