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Eric Doherty

President at Blink Science, Inc. At Blink Science™ 

Eric Doherty is President of Blink Science, Inc., a medical device company that is developing the next generation of instant Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic testing across a variety of assays, including Covid-19. Blink Science is working to end the COVID-19 Pandemic by making convenient, frequent, and very low-cost testing available globally using blinkTEST™, the world’s first portable, ultra-sensitive, ultra-specific, instant, diagnostic testing platform. Blink Science’s patented technology uses a handheld unit linked with a smartphone app and revolutionary test strips to enable virtually anyone to perform sophisticated diagnostic tests with instant results. In addition to COVID-19, potential uses will include infectious viral and bacterial diseases; acute conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and traumatic brain injury; and diseases such as cancers, neurogenerative diseases, and STDs.  

The Blink Science IT technology suite, powered by IBM Watson Health and their AI systems, includes a set of mobile applications that allow the capture of test results in the cloud; the ability to share those results with the individual being tested through a mobile health pass; and the ability to verify a person’s vaccination and testing history, instantly. Our testing technology and data platforms will measurably improve the quality of life for billions of people—not just related to COVID but for many infectious diseases, as well as other conditions where instant, portable diagnosis is critical.  

Doherty has nearly 30 years of healthcare executive leadership experience, including senior-level roles at leading healthcare companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Uvanta Pharmacy Systems, AstraZeneca, and GLOCK International. He holds an MBA in International Marketing and another MBA in Management from both St. Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis, and a Global Operational Leadership Certification from St. Louis University.



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